What People are Saying

"I have been working with Vicki weekly for over 5 years, and have made incredible progress.  She builds a training session customized to my needs, adding new and challenging exercises each week.  Her workouts are fairly demanding -- not an easy, relaxing hour of ab work and stretching.  Every muscle is targeted, both for stretching and strengthening.  It is truly a results-based approach to Pilates.  That said, she will do a more restorative session if you're exhausted or injured.  Vicki has a thorough understanding of the body, and knows how to choose specific exercises tailored to your body's needs.  She is professional, friendly and always on time.  I highly recommend Vicki if you are looking to change your body through Pilates."  Annabel, Aspen, CO

"Vicki Tobia is a talented and skilled Pilates instructor. She is very professional and stays focused on me throughout our sessions. She also has a wonderful sense of humor which makes my workouts very enjoyable. I have been working with Vicki for over a year. As a result of these workouts my  body is much  more flexible and my overall strength has increased substantially. My bone density has also  increased and I've gained 1/2 inch in height. I have asthma so the attention she gives to correct breathing has helped increase my lung function. I think Pilates is good for women of all ages. I'm over 65 but feel much younger."  Carol, Snowmass Village, CO

"Knowledgable, good at conveying information, and personal. I just completed three sessions with Vicki during my stay in Snowmass (Aspen) Colorado. I have many physical issues and had not done Pilates in a while. She was outstanding.
Vicki consistently arrived on time with all the equipment we needed. She was very good at giving me illustrative examples so I could understand what I was supposed to do. Although we only had three sessions I felt that I improved a lot and am already standing taller. In fact, I got so much out of our sessions that I didn't feel much like investing in a spa day as I had planned.  I will definitely call Vicki again when I (hopefully) return to beautiful Aspen!"  Donna P., Aspen/Snowmass Visitor

"I studied/practiced Pilates for ten years with Vicki Tobia. Vicki is a talented, athletic teacher with gentle hands, and an ability to demonstrate, inspire and then coach clients through basic movements or more complicated exercises, helping them develop body awareness, strength and flexibility. Armed with detailed knowledge of anatomy, in-depth training in Pilates, indeed in different approaches to Pilates, Vicki’s ability to listen to her clients, her sense of humor, her kindness and attention to what works for a particular body, of a particular age, on a particular day, means she is able to help clients move through a workout tailored for that day’s personal rhythm. The workout flies by, becoming both physical and mental therapy.  Vicki makes a workout challenging, but also involving and fun. She is never boring and neither are her sessions. Always a variety of exercises and never too many repetitions. Vicki has helped me get better as I have gotten older. And that is a gift."  CMS, Essex, CT